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2012-08-20 19:17:27 by ManOfSnakes

I'm so minor I don't even think anyone knows me at all in Newgrounds!

An apology

2012-07-02 06:51:54 by ManOfSnakes

I am sorry Newgrounds that I had been away for so long... I had winner stuff work on.
I have also been bored of Newgrounds for some reason...
It is not a usual thing for me...
My designing is giving me a headache... I was working on a comic.
For Newgrounds, DeviantART, Facebook And... a animated trailer on Youtube.
I believe that it's gonna go far.
For it is not of your ordinary hero, for he is a villain.

I'm Not what you think I am

2012-04-16 18:49:10 by ManOfSnakes

I'm Not what you think I am for I am a artist as well as a gamer
my most recent picture is of something I call Goat Face,
I do not know why but I just call him that for the time being.

If you like my art come see more! (not much too see) in My DeviantART account.
ManOfSnakes's DeviantART Profile

I'm Not what you think I am